William "Bill" Waithe was born in Harlem, NY. He studied painting, as well as drafting and architecture from the New York University and Queens College. Waithe's background in architecture shows in his paintings. "I know buildings. I know window specifications," Waithe once stated. When he painted buildings, he would count every brick. This would ensure a realistic, lifelike painting which would capture your imagination and eyes.

Waithe was on his way to Disney World when he discovered the beauty of South Carolina. After a few months trial run in Columbia, Waithe decided to stay. His paintings not only show traces of his hometown in New York, but they also have incredible images of his adopted home; Columbia. Waithe had an ability to capture the landscape of Columbia, as well as preserve the history and times of our capital city. He wanted to paint the streets of Columbia before they vanished. Many Columbia residents remember Waithe sitting in his wheelchair painting pictures of old buildings and new ones as they were built beside them.

Waithe shared his studio with About Face, a local art group whose main focus was portraits. This group of artists met twice a week to paint, share techniques, methods, encouragement and constructive criticism. Waithe was known for a few of his art rules - no plain white backgrounds and don't use black or white paint. Nothing is absolute black or white, according to Waithe.

Waithe left us with the beautiful landscapes of the Columbia we once knew. As we now see the construction and renovations taken place daily, it is a pleasure to look back and remember where we began as the capital city.

All of the art displayed in the exhibit are original pieces by Waithe, but a few are not signed or completed. Cameo Art Gallery will be able to prove the authenticity of each piece. This exhibition will give you the opportunity to own a piece of history as this collection will be for sale.